Putin: Russia can no longer buy technologies abroad like in a store

13.07.2023, Moscow.

For a long time Russia has been buying the most important technologies abroad like goods in someone else’s supermarket, which is now closed for our country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on July 13 in a speech at the Forum of Future Technologies “Computation and Communication. Quantum World.”

“We bought many critical technologies, as it is called, in someone else’s store, in a kind of supermarket of ready-made solutions produced by someone else, and at some point, they just shut the door tightly in front of us and hung a sign ‘Closed’,” Putin stressed.

According to him, the situation has become a lesson for Russia, from which the authorities should draw the necessary conclusions. At the same time, the government and business have already done much to change this state of affairs.

“[However] it is necessary, of course, to go further, to solve more complex, systemic problems, to plan this work in the long term,” Putin added.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency