Kurginyan: Russia’s enemies have failed to reduce its citizens to sheep

08.07.2023, Moscow.

Russia has been substantially disarmed in terms of ideology, science, and technology, but it has not been reduced to the state of obedient sheep, said philosopher, political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on June 20 in the new issue of the author’s program Destiny.

Russia’s enemies were counting on the fact that “Russia has finally built a society obedient enough to act as ‘a flock of sheep’, which was necessary for integration with the Western civilization”, said Sergey Kurginyan.

It was said that in the West it works something like this: “We have sheep, they have sheep, we all have sheep, so let’s bleat together. And in the meantime time – get rid of your own research and development bureaus, and so on. We are not going to. But now you need to form a social group of rich people. Where will you get the money for all these associated costs? Eliminate R&D, create a bourgeois class, and then it will come up with something.”

As a result, Russia was significantly disarmed: morally, psychologically, ideologically, as well as scientifically and technologically; but they were unable to reduce its people to become as obedient as sheep, noted the political scientist.

“I will allow myself a very risky and a bit controversial thought that perhaps they had failed to do so due to the fact that criminalization was fairly high and that in this case it played a positive role, while all this destruction and dismantling of the military-industrial complex, our autarky and everything else – played a negative role in the process,” said the political scientist.

In the end, everything turn out to be not the way Western analysts had predicted, preparing for what they are now immersed into together with Russia, noted Sergey Kurginyan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency