Kurginyan tells how to build relations with the most important part of our society

04.07.2023, Moscow.

During the mutiny, Russian president Vladimir Putin performed very well, and the political system successfully withstood it; the only abnormal thing is the way our authorities develop their relations with the patriotic segment of our society, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on June 30 on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio station.

He was calm, confident, dry, very strict, convincing, without any pauses or moments of hesitation. He performed very well, the political scientist stressed.

The entire political system represented by the Council of Federation, the State Duma, and the parties successfully withstood it. Kurginyan noted that even if there were any who fled, “those people are now on the ‘price list.’ Very good!”

However, the authorities continue to hold off the patriotic part of the Russian society, which is ready to sacrifice itself and which is Putin’s electorate. This unexplainable process began with the pension reform, Kurginyan reminded.

The core of the electorate continued to be held off during the pandemic, too, when people were reluctant to receive injections of the coronavirus vaccines. This process also continues in the current situation, when instead of building relations with the patriotic segment of the society they are condemned as “self-proclaimed patriots” or “turbo-patriots.”

This idiocy, which started from the endless promotion of the pension reform with the hysteria around the coronavirus as its culmination, when those who have now shut up screamed as if they received huge doses of excitant agents, was politically unacceptable, because the patriotic part of the society disagreed, and its is Putin’s electorate. And when this part was condemned as herd, idiots, nonentities, it was really peculiar, especially by people with certain last names, with a clear understanding that this part is Russian and provincial.”

The political scientist told that those days he kept asking, when the coronavirus is over, “will we continue our dialogue with this part? Have we canceled this dialogue? Do we have no elections anymore? Do not we expect any emergencies ahead such as the SMO? Is it all peace and quiet so that we can call ‘non-entities, second-class people, and imbeciles’ those who are ready to support Putin, to take rifles, and to fight? Why?

According to the political scientist, if for this part of the population “there was a need to persuade them into receiving vaccines, then they should have been begged to do so instead of insulting them, knowing very well that they will definitely refuse in response.”

What was the political rationality? Why am I talking about this now? Why did we have to cancel grandmothers, who are a key factor of childbirth, and then express regret about our demography? What is all that? What kind of a show is that? Kurginyan wondered.

He stressed that we should maintain a respectful dialogue with the patriotic, provincial part of our society; we should understand it, feel it, and proactively mitigate any pulses of its discontent before they take shape and taken under control by some “rebellious scum.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency