Rosenergoatom: Terrorist attack at Zaporozhye NPP will allow the West become directly involved into the conflict

03.07.2023, Moscow.

An attack on Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant organized by the Kiev regime can be used by the West as a pretext for a direct involvement into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, stated Renat Karchaa, an adviser to the head of the Rosenergoatom corporation, on July 3 in an interview to TASS news agency.

According to Karchaa, Western supervisors of Ukraine started to realize that the so-called counteroffensive of the Ukrainian armed units stalled, and further supply of even more powerful weapons would not improve the situation.

However, according to Rosenergoatom’s top manager, the bets on Russia’s military defeat are so high that the Western establishment is prepared to undertake any actions in case of a failure in the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Aggressive Western politicians are ready to do virtually anything. Organizing a special operation at the power plant, which could trigger a nuclear disaster, in their opinion, could create a so-called ‘legal floodgate’ for the legalization of NATO’s formal participation in the conflict,” said the adviser.

Renat Karchaa believes that the mechanism for engaging NATO lies primarily in creating Russia’s image as a rogue nation that is a source of nuclear terrorism. Moreover, any incident at the ZNPP will be presented as proof of such a thesis.

In the future, the Western media will replicate the negative image of Russia as a nuclear threat to the European continent and the world as a whole, and on the basis of this, NATO troops can become directly involved into the conflict.

“This is not a provocation, because a provocation is something that is presented as an imitation of a threat, although very often it also ends very sadly. This time, they are not imitating a threat but are actually intending to carry it out. In any case, the probability of this is as high as ever before,” concluded Renat Karcaa.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency