Germany and Poland cannot agree on the repair of Leopard tanks

02.07.2023, Berlin.

Germany and Poland cannot agree on the maintenance of the Leopard tanks transferred to Ukraine, Der Spiegel wrote on July 2.

The repair plant in Poland was supposed to open in early June, but discussions on the details of maintenance are still ongoing. One of the reasons for this is a significant difference in the cost of the work, according to Der Spiegel‘s sources.

“For example, PGZ [Polish concern Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa] wants to charge more than €100,000 for so-called ‘initial diagnostics’ of tanks. In Germany, they usually pay only about €12,000 for this,” Der Spiegel reports.

Besides the higher cost, the Polish specialists have another condition: they are not willing to give any guarantees for repairs.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency