UN warns Ukraine over child casualties

27.06.2023, New-York.

The United Nations has issued a serious warning to the Ukrainian authorities because of child casualties during the conflict, the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict Victoria Gamba said at a press conference on June 27.

Gamba responded to a Russian journalist’s question as to why the special representative’s report listed “Russian armed forces and associated groups” as having “committed serious violations against children in situations of armed conflict,” while Ukrainian forces were not, although the report noted confirmed cases in which actions by Ukrainian forces had resulted in the death and injury of children, as well as attacks against schools and hospitals.

I think the decision to issue a warning was very important. It is a very serious warning … The warning was given because Ukraine was very close to being listed,” the special representative of the UN secretary general stressed.

She also noted that both Moscow and Kiev have been actively working with the UN to prevent child casualties for almost a year now, resulting in a significant decrease in such incidents.

The willingness of both sides to immediately begin efforts to reduce the number of violations against children in hostilities became evident very early,” Gamba concluded.

According to the special representative, the UN has prepared joint child protection plans with Moscow and Kiev, which are in the capitals of Russia and Ukraine for final signing.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency