Putin describes the situation in the zone of Russia’s special operation

21.06.2023, Moscow.

There is a certain lull in the special operation zone in Ukraine since the Ukrainian armed units suffered serious losses during their counterattack, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on June 21.

“At the moment, we are observing a certain lull. This is because the enemy is suffering serious losses both in personnel and equipment,” Putin said.

The President noted that the Ukrainian armed units launched a counteroffensive on 4 June. According to him, so far the Russian military has destroyed 245 enemy tanks and about 678 armored vehicles of various types.

Putin stressed that the Ukrainian armed units are now regrouping, but Kiev fears the same large-scale losses, as this could lead not only to the loss of offensive potential, but also the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army as a whole.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency