Russian NBC Protection Troops Commander claims Pentagon breeds insects capable of carrying epidemically significant infections

19.06.2023, Moscow.

The Pentagon is actively studying species of mosquitoes and ticks that carry epidemically significant infections, including those that do not exist in the United States, and also breeds small animals and insects that can spread diseases, said Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the Commander of the Russian NBC Protection Troops, at a briefing on June 19 .

“Mosquito cultures infected with hepatitis B virus have already been obtained. <…> US military specialists actively use agents of parasitic infections, such as microfilariae, to enhance the effect of arboviruses,” he said.

Kirillov noted that the US military is trying to breed carriers of Ebola fever, AIDS and severe acute respiratory syndrome. These studies are underway in the USA and at six foreign affiliates.

“This makes it possible to maintain and infect 89 species of mosquitoes and 12 species of ticks with arboviruses under laboratory conditions,” the general noted.

He stressed that the Pentagon’s research is military and applied. Specialists are looking for the most effective way to spread infected blood-sucking insects. Territories of other states become testing grounds.

The general also pointed out that the US has patented a drone to spread infected mosquitoes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency