The USA as a “liberally” dominant hegemon is obviously weakening. Opinion

17.06.2023, Moscow.

The ‘liberal’ dominant hegemon is obviously weakening,” Experimental Creative Center‘s Vice President Yuriy Byaly wrote in his article “The Decisive War”, published on June 11 in The Essence of Time newspaper.

Byaly mentioned that the US has many allies who act under pressure, but there are more “non-aligned” states who are waiting to see who will win in the confrontation.

Concerning Russia, the author writes, “We have very few uncontested allies, but we have many disputed allies who are waiting to join the winner.”

The analyst reminds that Russia has an extremely unreliable and loose “external contour” of countries deeply captured by foreign NGOs and quite capable of opening a second front against Russia.

“This is all too obvious in the south, where none of the countries (the members of the pro-Russian Collective Security Treaty Organization – CSTO) has unequivocally supported Russia and has not recognized Crimea, the LPR and DPR as a part of Russian,” emphasized Yuri Byalyi.

The analyst noted that a “war of annihilation” against Russia was declared, which is steadily turning from a civil war into a new Patriotic War. The outcome of this war will define “… whether there will be Russia on the planet at all, or not. And have no illusions – the vast majority of people living in it will cease to exist. It is the destruction of the Russian people that is clearly the goal of the bestial ideologists of Russophobic Nazism, which has seized the West.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency