Defense Minister of the Netherlands: Delivery of F-16s to Ukraine is not on the agenda

15.05.2023, Amsterdam.

Delivery of F-16 fighters to Ukraine is not one the agenda, Defense Minister of the Netherlands Kajsa Ollongren told journalists on June 15.

“This issue is not on the agenda,” Ollongren said, noting that a separate decision with the participation of the USA must be made on this issue.

The Defense Ministry explained that so far it has been decided only on the training of Ukrainian pilots.

At the G7 summit on 19 May, US President Joe Biden said he would support a joint plan for training Ukrainian pilots with modern fighters, including F-16s.

On 15 June, the NATO General-Secretary discussed arms supplies to Ukraine, as well as training Ukrainian pilots and technicians for the usage of F-16 fighter jets, at a meeting in the Ramstein format in Brussels.

Ukrainian Defence Minister Aleksey Reznikov attended the meeting.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency