Moldovan Minister of Agriculture will go to Brussels to ask for money for farmers

14.06.2023, Kishinyov.

The Moldovan Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Bolya will go to Brussels to meet with a member of the EU Commission and ask him for money to help Moldovan farmers. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture said this on Rlive TV channel on June 13.

Bolya believes that Moldova has suffered because of the armed conflict in Ukraine. He intends to “prove it with figures” in Brussels. The meeting with a member of the EU Commission was scheduled for 20 June.

“There are various other funds for EU candidate countries or neighboring states that we should have access to and receive and distribute money to farmers,” the minister said.

He also said that Moldova is expecting help from Romania in the form of four thousand tons of diesel fuel. It was promised to be donated after the inauguration of the new Romanian government, scheduled for June 15. The fuel will be given to the agrarians.

Moldovan farmers began to protest in June. They demanded a ban on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine, payment of delayed subsidies, compensation due to rising fuel prices, last year’s drought and loss of markets in Russia.

As a warning, the agrarians began blocking the highways. If there is no response from the government, they are threatening to hold a large-scale protest rally on June 19.

At the same time, Moldovan farmers do not express their discontent with the pro-Western course of Kishinyov, which will break economic relations with Russia, negatively affecting the export of Moldovan products to Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency