Protests against NATO exercises begin in Germany

12.06.2023, Hannover.

NATO’s large-scale exercise Air Defender 23 is accompanied by public protests in Germany, Die Junge Welt newspaper wrote on June 12.

Hundreds of people demonstrated on June 10 in front of the Wunstorf Air Base near Hannover, the logistics center for the military exercises. The protest was also held in front of the Spangdahlem airbase in Rhineland-Palatinate, from which US fighter jets will take off during the exercises.

Protest actions are also announced for the next week. A central rally against the Luftwaffe maneuvers will be held in Brandenburg on June 17. The rally will also be held against the planned military event Day of the Federal Armed Forces in Brandenburg.

Organizations throughout eastern Germany are calling for the protest, as the eastern federal states are a priority area for NATO exercises and for low-altitude flights up to 330 meters above the ground. According to official information, actions in the eastern airspace of the exercise are primarily aimed at defensive measures.

In the south, the exercise is aimed at training offensive actions against the enemy. At the same time, the ground forces are to be supported by combat operations in the air with the use of special forces.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency