North Korean leader congratulates Putin on Russia Day

12.06.2023, Pyongyang.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russia Day in his telegram, the Korean Central Telegraph Agency informed on June 12.

In his telegram, Kim Jong-un expressed his support for Putin and the Russian people, stressing that the people of Russia, led by Putin, are fighting against Western forces trying to undermine Russian sovereignty.

“Comrade Kim Jong Un stressed that today the struggle of the Russian people against the increasing threat and challenge of hostile forces trying to undermine the sovereignty, security and peaceful life of the country is meeting a new turning point,” the telegram reads.

Kim Jong Un said the North Korean people express their “full support and solidarity” for the citizens of Russia in their desire to protect the sovereign rights and interests of their homeland, also standing for international justice and against “the willfulness and arbitrariness of the imperialists.”

At the same time, he stated his confidence that justice will definitely win and the Russian people will win, as they have done before in history.

The North Korean leader specified that Korea is ready to cooperate with Moscow, ready to strengthen strategic cooperation, and help build strong states in order to protect global peace and security reliably.

Kim Jong Un wished Putin health and success in his work. He wished the Russian people eternal prosperity, development and victory.

On June 9, the Russian ambassador in Seoul said that South Korean President Yoon Seok Yeol also congratulated Putin on Russia Day. However, the details of the congratulations were not made public.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency