Kurginyan: The USA will establish a new world disorder

12.06.2023, Moscow.

If the USA, due to its fatigue and changes in the global situation, fails to establish a new world order on the globe, it will establish a new world disorder, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said in an interview published on June 1 in the Science and Religion journal.

According to the philosopher, this is exactly what the USA now calls this, New World Disorder. It is a new chaos, the management of the chaotization of the world.

Kurginyan stressed that if chaos becomes the objective, it will have its gods, too.

So we see ‘the Star of Chaos’ and quite dark cults beside it… But this begins to engage quite different masses of people in combination with a huge crisis of the major religions, the philosopher noted.

Sergey Kurginyan indicated that in the most traditional catholic country of today, Spain, modern witches dance near the fountain of Cybele (a pagan goddess of Phrygian descent), and they scream that they will revenge for the previous abuse.

Perhaps, they suffered from false accusations by the Inquisition, but real witches existed, too. And Brocken (a mountain in Germany allegedly associated with the orgy of demons according to legends) was not Goethe’s fantasy, those were real Sabbats. So, is it all restoring now?” the philosopher wonders.

Under these circumstances, we can have certain expectations regarding the destination of this process, which demands certain metaphysics, certain culture, certain “spirituality,” certain economy, certain Man, certain social stratification.

Take Otto Kernberg, he is currently number one psychologist in the West, he is absolutely respectable, he has numerous students and his own outlets – and he is speaking about ‘diffuse identity.’ It is a nice thing, this diffuse identity. But what is it, and is it an identity? Kurginyan indicates.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency