The Ukrainian Navy attempted to attack Russian Black Sea Fleet’s ship “Priazovie” with unmanned speedboats

11.06.2023, Moscow.

An attack on the ship “Priazovie” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet by the Ukrainian forces via six sea high-speed unmanned boats was unsuccessful. The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported on June 11.

The “Priazovie” ship, which monitors the situation and ensures security along the routes of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines in the southeast of the Black Sea. The attack was carried out at 01:30 Moscow time.

During the repulsion of the attack, all the boats were destroyed by fire from the regular weapons of the Russian ship 300 kilometers southeast of Sevastopol. No casualties. The ship suffered no damage,” the report said.

The Ministry noted that during this and previous similar attacks, a strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4B “Global Hawk” of the US Air Force was over the central Black Sea area.

The “Priazovie” ship continues to perform its duties and fulfill its tasks.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency