Kurginyan: A philistine life will not endure in the modern reality

02.06.2023, Moscow.

The messianic code of the Russian people has activated at the moment when the special operation in Ukraine started, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on May 13 on the Right to Know program on TVC.

Bourgeoisieness and philistinism have always been alien to the Russian culture, the political scientist noted. The great Russian writers Aleksandr Pushkin, Lev Tolstoy, the “raznochintsy” writers were far from bourgeoisieness and philistinism. The Bolsheviks, too, initially condemned philistinism. However, according to Kurginyan, the country began to strongly drift towards philistinism already during the Soviet era when Leonid Brezhnev gave it a start in 1970s. A culmination of philistinism came in the post-Soviet reality.

In the modern reality, according to the philosopher, the philistine life will not hold out, and the Russian life will be different.

It can be different – it can be great, it can be spiritual, it can be the only one that will save the humanity. Here my answer is yes, Russia is the country that must save the humanity, it is an absolutely messianic country, Kurginyan indicated.

The analyst believes that even a staunch liberal in Russia remains Russian, i.e. messianic, inside. According to the expert, the Ukrainian events prove this.

Everything that took place in Ukraine is the activation of the messianic code. No one expected that it would activate,” Kurginyan added.

The philosopher noted that it was a surprise for the patriotic circles that the Russian messianic code could activate even in our pro-Western top officials, and this is exactly what happened.

Russia, Sergey Kurginyan believes, is the soul of the world. “This is the real soul of the world – Sophia, the Holy Wisdom, the soul of the world. Yes, this is a place that demands holism. Yes, this is a place that continuously demands human ascension,” he explained.

The philosopher stresses that Russia is a territory of love. In contrast to Bismarck, who spoke about building the German state with “iron and blood,” poet Fyodor Tyutchev said that we would “try to do it with love” when he spoke about building the Russian state. The political scientist also reminded Joseph Stalin’s well-known remark about Maksim Gorky’s poem The Girl and Death, “This is something more powerful than Goethe’s Faust because love defeats death here.

And all Stalin’s arrangements were imbued with this spirit – this is a territory of love, a territory of ascension, a territory of happiness, not of fat belly. This does not rule out prosperity. Perhaps, it was lacking too much. But nevertheless, these are the Russian codes, the immanent in the transcendent, Kurginyan noted.

The Russian social and cultural code with its messianism implies otherness, the philosopher stressed. “Regardless how hard you hit it and beat it, it still remains different, it keeps its otherness. And the tragic unfolding of the Ukrainian events is a great manifestation of this,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency