Kurginyan: The authorities at least should not play to the Russophobes

29.05.2023, Moscow.

The Russian patriotic society should not rely on governmental bans to win in its struggle against Russophobia, philosopher and political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on May 13 on the Right to Know program on TVC.

The participants of the show discussed the ban of the theater performance Finist the Brave Falcon and the detention of its authors suspected of justifying terrorism. The host of the show Dmitry Kulikov noted that the play was produced with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Theater Professionals. He said that he supports the idea to introduce a Russophobia article into the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Kurginyan noted that in this situation the public opinion is important, and the public should win, not the authorities, although the authorities at least should not play to it.

The political scientist referred to a story of a girl from the Essence of Time commune. She got a high Unified State Exam score which allowed her to enter a prestigious university. At the Political Science Department, the lecturer demanded that the students should begin all their articles with the words “Russia will never be a great country again.”

The girl stood up and left. I want to ask how many grants this university receives. This is what I want to ask when I am talking about reality. I am saying that any banning measures while this reality maintains are disgusting, Kurginyan said.

He stressed that any inappropriate behavior must face certain public reaction. The philosopher reminded that journalist Aleksandr Minkin once expressed regret that the Nazis had failed to conquer the USSR because otherwise we “would have had German beer.” Kurginyan noted that Minkin did not become disreputable after his words.

There was such a term ‘disreputable’ – did he become disreputable? Not at all! When another bastard from Saint Petersburg said ‘we scraped chewing gum from the Palace Square, we washed it in kerosene, and we chewed it to receive holy communion,’ why didn’t he become disreputable? the political scientist wondered.

The leader of Essence of Time reminded about 1950s. He noted that those days anyone who would say something like that “would be torn apart” before the law enforcement officials would have a chance to interfere.

Are we lacking a society? What is going on with our society? This attempt to keep at power while the society is absolutely relaxed will fail. When the power is strong and the society is strong that is a different situation, Kurginyan said.

In his opinion, what kind of a society we had in 1950s was critical.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency