President of Germany’s intelligence service sees no signs of military weakening of Russia

23.05.2023, Berlin.

Russia is capable of fighting in the long term, said the president of the German Federal Intelligence Service Bruno Kahl, Die Welt newspaper wrote on May 23.

“Russia is still capable of fighting in the long term, increasing troops, weapons and ammunition,” Kahl said.

The German intelligence chief stressed that despite certain criticisms, particularly on the issue of the ammunition supply, there are no signs that “the system is beginning to loosen or fall apart.”

“So there can be no talk of weakness or that Russia’s actions may cease,” Kahl concluded.

On May 22, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that the state’s priority became the delivery of F-16 fighters to the Kiev regime.

On 16 May, the Russian Air Force destroyed the US Patriot air defense system deployed in Kiev with a Kinnzhal missile.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency