US explains why it is funding the Mexican opposition

21.05.2023, Moscow.

Why is there never going to be a coup d’état in the United States? Because there is no US embassy in Washington D.C.“. That’s the joke published on their website by the Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

The reason was the unfolding scandal after the president of Mexico Andres Manuel López Obrador had published an appeal to his US colleague Joe Biden to stop funding the opposition to the Mexican government by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in early May.

The Mexican head demanded to stop funding organizations that openly oppose the country’s legitimate government. As an example, López Obrador cited Mexicans Against Corruption, an organization that receives grants from the US agency. The Mexican president stressed that such funding is an interference in the affairs of another country and is in violation of international law.

In response to the repeated rebukes, on May 17, the United States Embassy in Mexico stated that the United States government and its agencies have strict mechanisms to monitor the use of funds by foreign organizations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grants issued. Funding from the United States government cannot be used for “partisan purposes,” the embassy said.

By giving millions of dollars to the staunchest opponents of the Lopez Obrador government, the United States insists it is helping Mexico: grants to combat corruption, respect for free speech, government transparency and accountability and fair business practices.

Listen to them, the US has almost enriched the whole world. However, for some reason, even the President of Mexico, who is quite loyal to his neighbor to the north, does not believe that the American money, which is being passed into the hands of the most radical Mexican opposition, is serving a good cause.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency