Russian diplomat: Russia-Africa summit will have an impact on the situation in the world

17.05.2023, Brussels.

The second Russia-Africa summit will allow expansion of cooperation between Russia and African partners despite the attempts of the European Union to isolate Russia, the acting Russian permanent representative to the EU Kirill Logvinov said on May 16 at a reception in the Permanent Mission of Russia to the EU in Brussels.

“Having set a course for the isolation of Russia in the international arena, the European Union completely failed to calculate the consequences of this policy for itself… After a series of pseudo-successes, the EU got a little confused, but now it seems to start the second round with new strength,” the diplomat said at a reception on the occasion of Africa Day and the upcoming second Russia-Africa summit.

According to Logvinov, in this context, the Russia-Africa summit will be important not only for the Russian and African sides, but also for the situation in the world as a whole.

The diplomat stressed that this format has great potential to improve the situation in the international arena as a whole and to address real issues related to the well-being of people.

It is expected that the second summit, as well as the economic and humanitarian forum Russia-Africa, will be held in St. Petersburg from 26 to 29 July.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency