Member of French National Assembly says that aid to Ukraine will set Europe back a century

15.05.2023, Paris.

Supporting Ukraine in the conflict with Russia weakens the EU economy and will set it back a century in the face of China and the United States, which are benefiting from the Ukrainian crisis, French MP and leader of the political party France Arise Nicolas Dupont-Aignan said on May 15.

He urged the French to distance themselves from this conflict, which is regional but is being transformed into a world war. Arms shipments to Ukraine are destroying the European economy and provoking conflict with the rest of the world.

Dupont-Aignan believes it is necessary to guarantee the autonomy of tDonbass, demilitarize Ukraine, and withdraw Russian troops. He criticizes Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for sacrificing his people by sending them to the front and failing to build peace. The politician calls for an end to this conflict, which he believes could lead to a world war.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency