Kurginyan: To win, Russia must stop its false self-complacency

15.05.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

False self-complacency according to the principle “everything is covered with chocolate for us” is what prevents Russia from correctly recognizing the challenges it is facing, including the meaning of the conflict in Ukraine, said political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on May 4 in his author’s broadcast Destiny.

Kurginyan explained that the first thing we usually sacrifice for our false complacency is the intellectual consideration of problems. In his opinion, any attempts to “wake up” the intellectual centers that any organization or authority has, including the entire defense industry, always face various obstacles.

To do so, you have to answer one question as soon as you revive intelligence: what the hell is this? And when you answer this question, then you, first, get a rebuke from your superiors who say, ‘What are you talking about?’ and, second, you feel such pain yourself that you want to commit suicide,” the political scientist explained the nature of the obstacles.

Kurginyan reminded that during the second war in Chechnya Russia faced much stronger challenges and events than the drone attack against the Kremlin. Russia faced major terrorist attacks in Moscow (Nord Ost) and in Beslan. However, we not only managed to win, but we also stopped a potential “parade of sovereignties,” and now we rely on Chechnya in our conflict with the West.

Kurginyan added that the entire Russian society witnessed those disasters despite the fact that the West supported the separatists and Wahhabites in Chechnya much less than it supports Ukraine today. Moreover, Ukraine is a major strongly industrialized state, in which an actual fascist active core widely unfolded a fascist ideology and brainwashed the entire population, Kurginyan stressed.

It [the Bandera Nazi active core] is small as compared to the population, and it cannot win anything at any elections. But it exists! It is consolidated, it has been taken under the patronage of a) the authorities, which abused people’s trust in the ugliest way (I mean the people of Ukraine), and b) the West, which feel absolutely comfortable with the Black Sun as its main symbol, the main sign of Himmler’s SS, the leader of the Essence of Time movement explained.

Also, the political scientist added, Russia’s self-complacency prevents it from comprehending the actual meaning of the conflict in Ukraine, its fantastic fatefulness and uniqueness on the global scale.

This is an absolutely new war! This is a major event in the global life, because this is the first time when a country has actually challenged the USA, and it has been successfully withstanding the West’ return pressure for over one year. This is a major global event, and pivotal one! Kurginyan said.

In this context, the political scientist added, it would be extremely strange to believe that our opponents would not go any length to weaken Russia’s positions. Consequently, there cannot be any real reason for actual complacency.

Does anyone really think that in the context of such events the enemy will not take any possible measures? Or maybe someone thinks that the English, German, US specialists will not train saboteurs and participate themselves in various subversive attacks? Who is the one who could possibly think so? Is it his His Highness Chocolate as a collective resource? Kurginyan sharpens the problem.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency