Washington has made a strategic mistake with regard to Beijing. Opinion

12.05.2023, Zagreb.

The US elites could not cope with their hubris and, as a result, allowed the formation of an alliance between Russia and China. Zoran Meter, editor-in-chief of the Croatian publication Geopolitika.news, wrote this on May 7.

“Washington made a strategic mistake. American analysts understood perfectly well that an alliance between Russia and China had to be prevented at all costs. The problem that led to the decisive mistake was in fact trivial and could easily be fatal: US elites could not overcome their hubris and overcome their psychological sense of eternal superiority for the sake of an equal dialogue with China,” the Croatian journalist said.

If US elites had coped with their hubris, “China would then be something completely different, and it would not need any ‘symbiosis’ with Russia,” Meter wrote. “Now nothing will come of driving a ‘wedge’ between Moscow and Beijing,” the journalist added.

The analyst said concerning resolving the Ukrainian crisis that “it is clear to everyone that only China is in a position to become a serious mediator between the West and Russia” on the extremely dangerous Ukrainian crisis.

Meter reminded that the West had violated almost every treaty in its relations with Russia, so dialogue between them is now impossible.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency