Myśl Polska: Poland will be left alone against Russia after the fall of Kiev

12.05.2023, Warsaw.

After the defeat of the Kiev regime, Warsaw risks being left alone against Moscow without the support of Washington, which is busy with the conflict with Beijing, Myśl Polska‘s expert wrote in his article on May 11.

“We can see that Ukraine is not winning on the battlefield, and it seems to have less and less chance of winning,” the author writes. He notes that Washington is ready to weaken Moscow as much as possible, but the Chinese side will not allow this.

The expert notes that the transition of the confrontation between the US and China to the military phase is getting closer. This state of affairs does not promise anything good for Poland.

“Will the USA continue to provide assistance – not to Ukraine anymore, but to Poland?” the expert asks. According to him, Warsaw is already in fact involved in the conflict with Moscow, actively supporting Kiev, but help from the USA may not follow.

Earlier, Yan Hagin, an advisor to the acting head of the Donetsk People Republic, said that a significant part of the Western military equipment transferred to Kiev is located at Romanian and Polish transshipment bases. Most of the vehicles that reach the territory under Kiev’s control are destroyed by the Russian air force.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency