Former Director of Czech Military Intelligence: One cannot harm Russia by taking away McDonald’s

05.05.2023, Prague.

Western countries have strengthened Russia by their actions aimed at weakening it, former Director of Millitary Intelligence of the Czech Republic Petr Pelz said on April 30, Radio Universum informs.

“The sanctions that we, as well as the West, began imposing on Russia were ‘A’ largely not entirely legal in terms of international law, ‘B’ completely stupid,” Pelz said.

The former intelligence chief stressed that the restrictive measures imposed were entirely out of touch with Russia’s specifics.

“We cannot understand that the largest country in the world with the greatest natural resources, with such a history of the Russian people, who would prefer to live in dugouts and eat grass, only to somehow protect their country, cannot be harmed by taking away McDonald’s,” Pelz said.

As a result, noted the former Director of Millitary Intelligence, the West wanted to weaken Russia, but in fact made it stronger.

“We made Russia stronger. In the beginning, we wanted to weaken it, but in the end, we strengthened it,” the expert stated.

In addition, Pelz added that through its actions, the West had pushed China into the arms of Russia. “We have pushed China into the arms of Russia. I think this tandem is absolutely invincible unless we use nuclear weapons,” the former Director of Millitary Intelligence said.

On May 16, 2022, McDonald’s announced that it was withdrawing from the Russian market.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency