German expert names the main threats for Leopard tanks in Ukraine

02.05.2023, Berlin.

The Russian army has several ways to destroy the German Leopard tanks transferred to Ukraine, expert Björn Stritzel wrote on May 2 in an article for the Bild newspaper.

According to Stritzel, the Russian army is armed with at least three dangerous weapons systems capable of destroying German military equipment in the service of the Kiev regime: anti-tank guided missiles, mines and its own tanks.

“Probably the biggest threat to the Leopards are modern anti-tank guided missiles,” writes Stritzel, noting that the most recent models of these systems with tandem-charge were explicitly designed to combat tanks such as the Leopard-2.

Another munition that can be used to destroy Leopards is Russian TM-62 anti-tank mines and their more advanced versions.

Besides, according to Stritzel, Russian tanks pose a significant danger to German tanks.

“Modern Russian main battle tanks like the T-72B3, T90A/C/M or T-80BVM with powerful targeting systems certainly keep up with the Leopards, and the latest missiles fired from the 2A46 (125 mm) gun also penetrate the Leopard 2A6’s armor,” he explained.

According to open sources, Ukraine received 14 Leopard 2A4s from Poland; over a hundred Leopard 1A5s from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands; eight Leopard 2A4s each from Canada and Norway; six Leopard 2A4s from Spain; 18 Leopard 2A6s from Germany and three from Portugal.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency