Modern Ukrainian language is a tool of nazification. Opinion

27.04.2023, Moscow.

The Ukrainian language has long been altered to conduct nazification and fascization of society, Yevgenia Amosova, a teacher of acting and stage speech, said in an article published in The Essence of Time newspaper on April 24.

“I am deeply convinced, the modern Ukrainian language is an instrument of nazification and fascization of society. It has been altered precisely for this purpose,” Amosova said.

The author notes that she grew up in Soviet times in Ukraine and knows the Ukrainian language. She pointed out that after 1991 the Ukrainian authorities purposefully altered the Ukrainian language.

According to Amosova, her friends who remained in Ukraine resented the Ukrainian authorities for teaching them the Ukrainian language. The Ukrainian authorities were claiming that the people had allegedly been speaking it wrong all their lives. Initially, people took it humorously, not believing it was serious, but they were wrong.

“And in thirty years, what should have happened has happened: today’s Ukrainian children speak and write a different language than their grandparents, fathers, and mothers, even though Ukrainian is a native language for those,” Amosova writes.

She lists several changes in the Ukrainian language: a new alphabet, words from the Western Ukrainian dialect “gwara,” which is full of Polish, Hungarian and Romanian words, Ukrainian substitutes for commonly used foreign terms in various fields from dance to medicine, and others. According to her, all of this was introduced into the Ukrainian language forcibly, including through school textbooks.

In Amosova’s opinion, the time has actually come in Ukraine “when words and objects will lose their meaning.” She emphasizes that the modern Ukrainian language has a “core damage,” and it is necessary to realize it.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency