Bas-relief depicting Joseph Stalin will be returned to the facade of Volgograd Medical University

25.04.2023, Volgograd.

Bas-relief depicting Joseph Stalin will be returned to the facade of the Volgograd Medical University to restore the building to its historical appearance. The university administration made such a decision, according to the university’s press service published on April 24.

The restoration of the facade has begun. The press service noted that the facade has never been repaired in the 70 years since the building was built.

“Damage to the decorative elements of the facade will be repaired. It is also planned to replace the cornice coating, restore the lost balustrade and the bas-relief depicting Joseph Stalin on the facade,” stated in the message.

The building has the status of a cultural heritage object of regional importance. Restoration, including the installation of plastic windows, will be done in such a way as to preserve the historical appearance of the building. It is also planned to restore the granite decoration at the entrances.

Volgograd Medical University was built for the Regional Higher Party School named after Stalin. The project was created by architects Vasily Simbirtsev and Efim Levitan. Levitan was awarded the Stalin Prize for Architecture of II degree. In 1960 the building was given to the medical school.

Initially, above the entrance was a bas-relief of Stalin, which stood in a row with the images of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin. During the fight against the “cult of personality” Stalin’s image was removed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency