In the village of Gorodishche, LPR, a monument to Lenin is returned to its pedestal

24.04.2023, Lugansk.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin, which the residents had been protecting from destruction by Ukrainian Nazis for seven years, was returned to its pedestal in the village of Gorodishche in the Belovodsk district in the Lugansk People’s Republic. Andrey Kalashnik, the head of the public services department of the village, said this on April 23, the Lugansk Information Center (LIC) informs.

Kalashnik said that the Lenin monument was removed between 2015 and 2016, when Ukraine was actively decommunizing.

The monument was dismantled, but not destroyed, by the inhabitants of the village under the leadership of the then-head of the village Vitaly Kovalenko, who currently works as acting head of the Belovodsk district administration.

The monument was hidden in an unexploited room, and the young men, traveling all over Ukraine as part of the fight against monuments, found the empty pedestal, “hang around here, turned around and drove away.” The monument was returned to its rightful place on Lenin’s birthday, April 22.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency