Kurginyan: Those who want to live in Russia have to defend it

14.04.2023, Moscow.

One cannot want to live in Russia but not defend it, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview to the Metametrica channel published on April 4.

According to Kurginyan, those who want to leave the country can leave and serve in the army abroad, they are free to do so. He referred to the example of the Jews who wanted to live in Israel, who moved there, and who went to serve in the Israeli army. If this is how it happens, then it is fine, the political scientist believes. However, most of those who have left today just want to sit it out abroad and then return to Russia, which is not good.

If you must live in Russia and you want to, then you have to defend it. One cannot want to live in it but not defend it, if you are a young person, a man who has not yet got totally confused in his genders. This must not happen,” Kurginyan said.

He believes that those who have fled from the country today want “to eat the cream without catching any mice.” But they will not succeed. They will always be bothered by their guilty conscience, which is a very hard burden for any person, the political scientist believes. Also, Kurginyan expressed confidence that those who have fled abroad will face disdain and treatment as “sixth class persons,” and finally they will “creep” back to Russia.

Meanwhile, the Russian authorities should recognize their mistakes that led to this result. Kurginyan reminded that the upbringing that the young people received over the entire post-Soviet period was far from making them defenders of their Fatherland. On the TV, on the radio, in the newspapers they learned certain behavioral patterns that are necessary to become part of successful life and the elite society. Kurginyan reminded that after the collapse of the Soviet Union an entire generation has grown who have never seen a different life.

Over thirty years, this chewing sound in this consumerist and comprador mire had to form something in people. And now you say they are responsible for what has formed in them. And you, will you not be responsible for anything at all? But this must not take place, Kurginyan said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency