Austrians are indignant at featuring Zelensky’s wife in listicle of the most influential people

14.04.2023, Vienna.

Featuring Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s wife in the listlice of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine on April 14 angered readers of the Austrian newspaper Exxpress.

One reader noted with regret, “After Ukraine’s imminent defeat, they will flee to the United States and live there in luxury on extorted billions, while thousands of people have died for nothing.”

A second commenter was indignant, “Where does she serve ‘her people’? In the boutiques where she spends the money Ukraine received?”

A third reader is perplexed, “How brave do you have to be to be photographed for Vogue during a war? A medal for that?”

They were supported by another user, wondering about her merits, “I wonder what kind of courage? Does she fight on the front lines, care for wounded soldiers?”

It is not the first time people in the West have been outraged by the intrusive PR of Zelensky and his wife. Thus, the photo shoot of the Zelensky couple for Vogue magazine, which took place in 2022, caused outrage in the American media.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency