Kurginyan tells what Putin loves and what he fears

10.04.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

Russian President Vladimir Putin passionately loves the Russian reality that he himself has built, and he is afraid of the country’s collapse, said philosopher, political analyst, and the leader of the Essence of Time movement, Sergey Kurginyan in an interview to the Metametrica channel published on March 25.

The political scientist explained why the president of Russia still treats big Russian capital very respectfully and “by no means scolds it, but pats it on the head,” as one of the interviewers put it.

According to Kurginyan, when Putin came to power he saw “a kind of monstrous chaos and an absolutely boiling and self-destructive reality“. And then something happened to Putin.

You step behind the towers [of the Kremlin] and you see that you are in a space that breathes with history, centuries. And something suddenly begins to stir inside,” Kurginyan explained.

According to the analyst, it’s impossible to know beforehand whether the sense of history will stir in the new leader of the country. At any case, no one expected this from Putin.

According to Kurginyan, if Putin’s sense of history is taken into account, it is impossible to rationally understand “all the popular bollocks” being said about the president of Russia.

The political analyst gives the example of an analyst who flaunts himself as someone who knows all the secrets: “Putin – what does he want? He’s just an oligarch. He wants to walk around Brazil in white pants. A yacht, all the rest.”

When one wants to walk around Brazil in white pants and get high on a yacht, one does what was done with Khodorkovsky (this material (information) was produced, distributed and/or sent by a foreign agent Khodorkovsky Mikhail or concerns the activities of a foreign agent Khodorkovsky Mikhail – Rossa Primavera News Agency editorial comment)?

You have to do a quick job and wrap up, take what’s yours and sail away on this yacht. But when you do that, you realize that later or sooner somebody will come after you on the yacht and will skin you alive, right? Or not? Or am I the only one who understands it, damn it!” – Kurginyan declared.

In addition, money does not mean too much, noted the philosopher: “What is this money? It’s just digits that today have value and tomorrow they are gone“.

According to Kurginyan, the most important thing is the sense of history that has stirred in Putin. This new feeling forced Putin to be extremely cautious and gave rise to “a sense of fear of the disintegration of the country, a kind of mobilizing and internal fear, with cramps in his face,” the analyst explained.

He was extremely cautious – he used to pat everything he inherited, taking something out with a little tweezers – some Gusinskys and some others – leaving something and adding something to it. For 23 years he’s been carefully treating Russian reality,” said Kurginyan.

Putin loves the reality he has created, considers it optimal, is proud of it, and believes in “its awesome potential“. That’s why he treats the oligarchs with such warmth: “They’re all his people,” said the leader of the Essence of Time movement.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency