The crisis could benefit the USA even if it affects its banks. Opinion

05.04.2023, Moscow.

There is a scenario in which the USA could benefit from a managed financial crisis, even if it affects US banks, according to a summary from the theater of war published in The Essence of Time newspaper.

The newspaper cites data from The Wall Street Journal, which assesses the consequences of the worsening banking crisis in the USA and Europe. Organizations and funds of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, which invested large sums in the loss-making Swiss Credit Suisse, suffered most of all.

The deal to take over Credit Suisse by Switzerland’s largest bank UBS brought Saudi Arabia’s largest bank Saudi National Bank a $1 billion investment loss, the US newspaper wrote.

Shares of the kingdom’s largest bank collapsed by a third in one day, which reduced its market value by more than $25 billion.

“Some experts believe that the USA is interested in a managed financial crisis, which will create an influx of funds into the USA from other areas of the world.

For the sake of this, it is even possible to sacrifice a few minor US banks. But the second largest Swiss Credit Suisse is only the beginning,” says the editorial in the newspaper “The essence of time.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency