Part of the Western elite is ready to pay with Ukraine for a break. Opinion

05.04.2023, Moscow.

The West is talking about the need to rebuild its own forces, perhaps even at the cost of losing in Ukraine, according to a summary from the war theater in the Essence of Time newspaper.

The newspaper cites an article in the Chinese online edition of Asia Times that describes a private meeting of former high-ranking US servicemen, intelligence officers and scientists who worked in the US administration from the time of Ronald Reagan’s presidency to the period when Donald Trump was in charge of the US.

Vast majority of them advocated escalating the situation to include stepping up aid to Ukraine in order to absolutely defeat Russia. One speaker suggested sending to Ukraine 1,000 Abrams M1 tanks and weapons capable of hitting targets deep inside the Russian Federation.

They stated that underestimating Russia leads to a loss of influence. The country, according to them, does not have enough industrial capacity to provide Kiev with artillery shells.

At the same time, they reminded the audience that, having lost the war in Vietnam, the United States was able to draw conclusions from it and win the final victory in the Cold War.

Thus, even if Russia wins in Ukraine, it can be seen by Washington as a favor to the United States.

It is already clear to everyone that the SMO in Ukraine launched the process of global transformation of the world, and the ‘tiredness’ of the West from the Ukrainian events is connected primarily with the fact that it cannot turn the ongoing changes to its advantage.

Hence this talk by US analysts and military officers that a pause is needed to regroup forces, even if it means that Ukraine loses,” says an editorial in the Essence of Time newspaper.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency