Kurginyan: Russia must turn to itself, rather than to the West or the East

02.04.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

It’s time for Russia to turn to itself, not to the West or East, said philosopher, analyst, and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview with the BelTA Belarusian channel published on March 23.

According to Kurginyan, Russian messianism was not fully formed either in the imperial or Soviet periods of Russian history. In the pre-revolutionary period the huge internal spiritual resources of Russia were not in demand.

Next comes the Soviet period and there were tremendous opportunities to also bring this messianism to full form, without spitting on the past, but by doing what the tsars did not do. Once again, a dead end. Had it not been for this stupidity, ideology would not have cooled down by the 1970s, and we would have lived in a completely different reality,” emphasizes Kurginyan.

According to the philosopher, there is always something interfering with messianism. For example, the St. Petersburg Empire looks to the West, it is Western-like, there is nothing messianic about it, it cannot give meaning to the existence of a huge country.

As a matter of fact, what’s messianic about the St. Petersburg empire? The fact that it is huge, well that’s great. It has recovered territories – that’s great. But it is a Western-like empire,” Kurginyan noted. Russian President Vladimir Putin has not escaped the Westernizing influence of St. Petersburg either, for many years he has been leading Russia toward the West.

Now Russia is strengthening its ties with countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, that is, turning to the East.

Can’t we turn to ourselves? I ask everyone here. Can we turn to ourselves at the fateful hour of the actual end of humanity, when everyone is already talking about the apocalypse and its horses and the end of the world? At the fateful moment of the collapse of some all the restraints, the madness of the West, and the tragedy on our territory, can we turn to ourselves? Neither East nor West, but here. Maybe then we can find something in this pocket that they are afraid to touch?” – Kurginyan asked the question.

In his opinion, the pattern of Russia “turning” to the West, to the East, reminds of a person who, having lost his wallet, slams his hands into all his pockets except one, because he is afraid that there is nothing there too. And in this pocket is the Soviet experience, which must be turned into “reasonable neo-Sovietism“.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency