Zimbabwe’s Senate President declares support for Russia

29.03.2023, Moscow.

The West is trying to destroy Russia as a sovereign state. Mabel Chinomona, president of the Senate of Zimbabwe, stated this speaking at the plenary session of the Russian Federation Council on March 29.

The West has been undermining the foundations of Russia’s existence as an independent state since the end of the Cold War, Mabel Chinomona said.

“The work is being done through calculated, decisive actions to expand the Western alliance all the way to Russia’s door. This is the result of the current conflict. The reaction of the West was quite expected, they tried their best to defame Russia and imposed unilateral sanctions on Russia,” Chinomona said.

The president of the Senate of Zimbabwe said that the conflict must be resolved in accordance with the UN Charter involving all its principles and objectives, including the peaceful settlement of disputes. At the same time, Zimbabwe is against any unilateral sanctions against Russia or any other UN member.

The Speaker of the Federation Council of Russia, Valentina Matvienko, said after the parliamentary conference Russia-Africa that the heads of parliaments of Africa confirmed the intention of the continent to expand cooperation with Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency