Russian Foreign Ministry: USA, UK, France and Germany are not suitable as mediators on Ukraine

21.03.2023, Moscow.

The USA, the UK, Germany, France are not suitable as mediators in settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, as they themselves are parties to it, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated on March 21 in connection with the idea of the former head of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger to create a contact group to launch the peace negotiations, RIA Novosti informed.

The agency noted that it had not received any official reports about the initiative. However, the idea itself “raises legitimate questions,” since all four countries proposed to be included in the contact group “are themselves participants in the conflict with Russia, which continues on the territory of Ukraine.”

These countries send weapons and mercenaries to Ukraine, and provide it with training and intelligence. They have imposed anti-Russian sanctions, demanded the creation of a tribunal, threatened Russia’s allies, and supported the Ukrainian leadership’s demands for Russia’s de facto surrender.

Countries that share this approach do not seek to resolve the conflict and “cannot claim the role of neutral mediators launching the peace process,” the ministry stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency