Bild: Ukraine’s offensive is aimed at cutting off Russia’s communication with Crimea

21.03.2023, Berlin.

Ukraine is preparing offensives in the Zaporozhye region and along the Lugansk direction, the German newspaper Bild wrote on March 21, citing a NATO official.

According to him, Russian assumptions about the directions of the main strikes in Zaporozhye and Lugansk are correct. The Ukrainian armed units will seek to cut off Crimea’s land communication with the rest of Russia.

The newspaper’s source expressed confidence that in May Kiev will start using new weapons transferred by the West. According to Bild, about 500 tanks and armored personnel carriers have arrived in Ukraine.

EU countries are supplying weapons to Ukraine so that it could counter Russian military special operations. Ukraine received from NATO countries 155mm artillery: American M777, German PzH 2000, Polish Krab and French CAESAR.

The USA has already provided Ukraine with military aid worth about $26 billion. NATO countries supply Ukraine with weapons to counter Russian military special operations in Donbass. Among them are U.S. large-caliber artillery systems and high-precision HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems.

Russia warned Western countries that arm shipments to Ukraine only lead to an escalation of the conflict. Any shipments of weapons going to Ukraine could become targets for Russian army strikes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency