LPR Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment: About 40% of LPR forests are mined

18.03.2023, LPR, Russia.

About 40% of the territory of the woodland in the LPR is mined. On top of that, fires and military operations over the past nine years have destroyed 50 thousand hectares of forest, the acting minister of natural resources and environmental security of the republic, Elena Boyko, said on March 18.

About 40% of the forest fund is mined. 50 thousand hectares of forest have been destroyed by fires and military operations at different times since 2014,” she answered the question.

Elena Kostenko, deputy chairman of the LPR government, added that the forests of the Kremennaya district have suffered the most in the region. “After a visual inspection, we can say that the Kremennaya district has suffered the most, there are still ongoing hostilities,” she reported.

According to Kostenko, several employees of LPR forestry farms were wounded by mine explosions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency