New Russian kamikaze drone Privet-82 will be sent to the zone of Russia’s special operation in April

18.03.2023, Moscow.

The new Privet-82 kamikaze drone will arrive in Russian army units in the zone of Russia’s special operation in April this year, TASS wrote on March 18, citing a source at the volunteer design bureau Oko.

According to the provided information, the volunteer design bureau Oko is a volunteer design bureau organized by enthusiasts to create ultra-low-cost multifunctional UAVs.

The new drone is an airplane-type.

“So far, 33 production samples of the Privet-82 kamikaze drone have been made. We are collecting orders and preparing several batches for shipment,” explained a representative of the manufacturer’s design bureau.

He noted that the drones are designed for use by volunteer units, and that the first batch of drones will begin operating in the special operation zone as early as April of this year.

The cost of one drone is around €1330.

It is also noted that since the young design bureau has no licenses, it cannot form state defense orders, and the bureau is only preparing a drone carrier. Weapons or other equipment are installed on the vehicle at the users’ discretion.

The UAV flight range is up to 30 km and speed is up to 140 km/hour. The UAV can carry up to 5.5 kg of payload.

The company shared its plans to convert the drone into a frontline bomber, which will be able to drop ammunition and return to base.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency