Putin presents state awards to Russian women

08.03.2023, Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented state awards to Russian women for outstanding achievements in various fields of activity at a ceremony in the Kremlin on March 8.

“Now, when Russia is once again faced with direct threats to its security and sovereignty, we see many examples of courage and firmness, bravery, and readiness to defend the truth, protect people and the very future of our state – the kind of future that we ourselves need,” he said.

According to him, female doctors working in Donbass are real heroes. The President of Russia presented them with orders and medals, as well as signs of honorary titles for their contribution to the development of health care, culture and education.

The Order of Courage was awarded to journalist Vlada Lugovskaya from Kherson region, the Order of Pirogov – to Lyudmila Beletskaya, chief doctor of children’s hospital in the Lugansk region, the Order of Friendship was awarded to Galina Alekseeva, employee of the museum Yasnaya Polyana and Yelena Shapurova, minister of education and science of Zaporozhye region. Olga Strelnikova and Albina Khaidarshina received the honorary title of Mother Heroine.

Various medals for professional achievements in work were also awarded to Tulamashzavod employee Irina Yeremina, police colonel Olesya Loskutova, instrument-building plant employee Olga Petrova, nurse Christina Kim, head of the military department of the Western Military District Tatyana Chubchenko, flute class teacher Natalia Baterina.

In addition, Russian women have been awarded honorary titles in a number of sectors of the economy: medicine, rocket and space industry, agriculture, textile and light industry.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency