Mexican President explains the essence of Peru’s political crisis

27.02.2023, Mexico City

The desire of national and foreign oligarchies to plunder Peru’s natural wealth is the essence of the situation in the South American country, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said during a morning press conference on February 27.

In his opinion, the essence of the political crisis in the country is that “the oligarchy, national, but above all foreign, seeks to plunder the country’s natural resources.”

“To do this, the oligarchy needs a puppet, a cover, a regime ruler, and a congress,” López Obrador assured.

The state leader compared the current Peruvian regime to more than 35 years of neoliberal rule in Mexico, when, he said, Congress passed reforms to adjust the legal framework to benefit an elite interested in looting the country. “This is similar to what is happening in Peru,” he pointed out.

He said, however, that he could not remain silent and that he would continue to invoke the political and social crisis in that country. “We will continue to do so,” he promised.

One example of the plundering of Peru that the leader of Mexico is talking about is the report of a bill by the right-wing Fuerza Popular party, which puts more than 7,500 Indians living in isolation at serious risk because it could abolish the reservations in which these people live.

Under the initiative, the Department of Culture is stripped of its authority to establish Native reservations, transferring them to regional governments. In addition, it is proposed to evaluate the existence of existing reservations and to suspend the creation of new ones.

It is reported that the real reason behind this initiative is economic interest. Fujimorists argue that the current norm has flaws that “unnecessarily limit the sustainable use of natural resources in the designated areas.” It turns out that a group of entrepreneurs from Loreto will push for the passage of this bill.

In Peru, there are 25 indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation and initial contact, living in five reservations, threatened with extinction if the law presented by the Fujimorist Party is passed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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