Kurginyan: Zelensky is ready to destroy the people of Ukraine for the sake of his own recognition

23.02.2023, Aleksandrovskoye

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is a ham who is ready to incinerate his people completely for the sake of his recognition, philosopher, political scientist, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on February 18 on the Right to Know program on the TVC TV channel.

He has called Zelensky a petty cowardly creature who does not need the happiness of his people.

“There are real, great actors who think in terms of happiness on the stage, when something is revealed to you, energy descends on you. And then there are people who are focused on their own recognition, not on happiness. And this is something quite different. And this is called a ham,” Kurginyan said.

Such people need nothing but recognition, they are empty, they will say what is necessary for their recognition, the political analyst said. Zelensky, according to Kurginyan, is ready to pay for this at the cost of his people.

The political scientist notes that Russia is fighting quite problematically. But its mobilization resource is several times greater than that of Ukraine, there are more weapons, and losses are lower. “So this war will be a war of annihilation. And he understands this,” the political scientist stressed.

Kurginyan recalled that Zelensky continued to search for mobilization resources to prolong the war. The philosopher noted that Zelensky actually sells the corpses of Ukrainians for tens of thousands of dollars and his own recognition.

“How he has risen, what greatness he feels inside. This is a petty actor, who realized that he was recognized. He is, like a frog, being continuously inflated through his anus. And he is puffing up,” the political scientist said.

Zelensky is ready to completely incinerate his own people and give Ukraine to its enslavers for this recognition, Kurginyan stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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