Le Figaro: Munition production in France reaches its maximum

15.02.2023, Paris.

Ammunition production in France has reached its maximum and cannot cope with current needs, the newspaper Le Figaro wrote on February 14.

Deputies of the lower house of the French parliament from the Democratic Movement and the National Union parties prepared a report on the ammunition stockpiles of the armament of the Fifth Republic, excerpts of which are cited by the newspaper. For example, the report claims that the French troops are experiencing a shortage of 155mm artillery shells due to the supplies to the Kiev regime.

However, instead of stopping the supply of shells to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the French politicians suggest that the necessary amount of ammunition reserves be reevaluated “taking into account the possibility of a major clash.” The newspaper writes that both the French military department and the military-industrial complex are aware of the problem, but arms producers are “limited by the size of the market” in peacetime.

Le Figaro predicts that tensions will grow between supporters of further arming the Kiev regime and politicians fearing an increased shortage of ammunition in their own armed forces.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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