Historian: Restoration of the Russian Empire in the form of the USSR revived China

14.02.2023, Novosibirsk.

Without the assistance of the USSR, the restoration of the Chinese Empire in the form of the People’s Republic of China would not have happened, said Vadim Zhuravlev, doctor of historical sciences, at the round table on the 100th anniversary of the USSR on February 11, the Essence of Time newspaper wrote.

“If the USSR had not helped, there would have been no restoration of the Chinese empire in the form of the People’s Republic of China. Chinese thinkers, historians, politicians, and the Chinese people recognized this cause-and-effect relationship to a large extent,” Zhuravlev said, discussing various aspects of the historical phenomenon of the Soviet state.

The historian explained that the continental empires in the early 20th century (Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, etc.) disappeared and only one of them, the Russian Empire in the form of the Soviet Union, managed to restore itself. The expert noted that it was with the help of the Soviet Union that China was restored in half a century.

2022 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Although the Russian Federation is the legal successor of the USSR, however, at the official level, this memorable date has remained unnoticed.

Earlier, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui stated that the Soviet Union has a special meaning for the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese people will never forget the sincere assistance of the USSR.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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