Myśl Polska: The West’s economic blitzkrieg against Russia has failed

13.02.2023, Warsaw.

The anti-Russian Western sanctions did not have the expected effect, the Polish daily Myśl Polska wrote on February 13.

Myśl Polska writes that the West launched an economic war against Russia, the purpose of which was to deprive Russia of revenues from foreign trade.

“The West has delivered a record number of strikes against Russia, imposed bans, blocked people, institutions, businesses, entire sectors of the economy. The West has imposed 11,000 new sanctions. This is far more than was imposed on all other countries of the world together,” the article informs.

The West hoped that such an unheard-of scale of impact would “sweep any country’s economy off the face of the earth,” but “Russia withstood the blow.”

The Polish observer also pointed to the positive features of the contemporary Russian economy, among which is the positive foreign trade balance, amounting to $227 billion in 2022, which is 12% of GDP. Among other features, he noted the ability to move from a situation where the leading partner is the West to a shift of the bulk of trade turnover in favor of China, India, Turkey and former Soviet Union countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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