Polish expert thinks that all Western equipment will be “ground down” in Ukraine

04.02.2023, Warsaw.

No matter how many weapons the West sends to Kiev, it will never be enough, because the Ukrainian conflict will “grind down” any equipment, Polish political analyst Krystian Chołaszczyński told Radio Maryja on February 4.

He reproached the West for standing at a crossroads instead of setting a concrete political course and only declining the word “tank” in all cases.

Now both sides of the Ukrainian conflict are maintaining their positions, he says, and calls attention to the expected possible large-scale spring offensive of the Russian Armed Forces.

He believes that in this situation, Ukraine will naturally rely on its allies, i.e. NATO and the EU. But here, in the expert’s opinion, there is one very serious problem.

“The reports coming from the EU and NATO countries rather show that the Western partners with regard to Ukraine retain considerable restraint,” Holaszczynski says. The key word in recent weeks and the coming months regarding Ukraine has been “tank.” “In recent weeks, ‘tank’ has been declined in every case,” he says ironically.

So he thinks everyone is counting on some breakthrough in the Ukrainian conflict thanks to another supply of tanks. “…When we gather all the equipment, about which we hear that it will be transferred, it turns out about 150-170 tanks, combat vehicles. We know that during these 342 days Ukraine has lost about 550 vehicles of various types, so the 170 vehicles to be received will probably be enough for a quarter,” the expert calculated.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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