Russian soldiers in LPR capture Ukrainian fighters trained by foreign instructors

03.02.2023, Moscow.

The Russian military has captured Ukrainian soldiers in the LPR who had been trained by foreign instructors, Igor Kimakovsky, adviser to the DPR’s acting head, said. RIA Novosti informed on February 3.

“Our guys from the 237th Guards Airborne Assault Regiment carried out counterattacks near Kremennaya: they took an enemy stronghold and captured prisoners who were intoxicated,” Kimakovsky said.

According to Kimakovsky, Russian soldiers eliminated about 50 Ukrainian soldiers. At the same time, the allied forces are not only holding the defense, but have already dislodged the Ukrainian armed units from several strongholds.

According to him, while retreating, the enemy is leaving its prisoners and dead. The Russian military destroyed several Western armored vehicles and captured Ukrainian militants who had been trained in Lvov. “They were trained by Georgian and French instructors,” the adviser to the DNR’s acting head added.

Earlier, he reported that the Ukrainian armed units was suffering heavy losses in personnel and equipment near Kremennaya.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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