Kurginyan: Small-time people facing a great challenge can lead to disaster

27.01.2023, Moscow, Russia

Disasters will begin when small-time life starts to implode and become uncomfortable for small-time people, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on January 14 at a conference of the organization in Moscow.

According to the political scientist, making the littleness of man fit with the littleness of the life he wants was constructed and designed in Western think tanks, and it was implemented by the Western so-called “deep state.” As for the Russian authorities, according to Kurginyan, they were adapting these solutions to the Russian reality, which was called integration into the Western civilization.

The designers, Kurginyan believes, did not expect that little man immersed in little life with its forced foster care, optimization, Westernization etc. would challenge the entire Western world of little men while remaining as little, but this is exactly what has happened.

This is exactly what we could call removing the Russian citizens from one planet, where the small-time life is in line with small-time people, to another planet, where small-time life is imploding while the people are encouraged to ignore this and to remain little, Kurginyan noted.

The small-time life, according to Kurginyan, is in harmony with small-time people, and it is comfortable to those who want to follow the little life as well as to those who want a different life, because the laws of the little life are flexible enough for this.

What happens when the small-time life implodes but the small-time man, who believed that this life was forever, is encouraged to remain little and to ignore that the small-time life is imploding? Kurginyan asked.

Can we avoid a catastrophe as the small-time life in one country is supposed to confront the same kind of a little life in an association of countries with greater economy and population and by far greater military budget, and most importantly, having a status of an unchallenged oracle who implements the ideals of the small-time life and dictates everyone how to further belittle man and his life? the philosopher asked.

He reminded that the USSR in its struggle against very powerful forces had a much greater population and a much greater, although uncomfortable, military and industrial potential, and most importantly, until certain moment it relied on a fundamental disagreement with removing Man with a capital M from personality to reduce Man to a little man.

As long as the Soviet Union relied on this, as long as it remained a territory of great Man, it could survive. But then it collapsed,” Kurginyan reminded.

He noted that the territory of the little life and the little man, which has little capabilities, cannot survive in a confrontation with a much greater territory where a similar little life is being implemented for a similarly little man. Besides, this territory in its fight against its low-powered counterpart has engaged a “metaphysical territory” of dark Nazi heroism, i.e. the Bandera Nazism.

I must insistently stress again that the small-time man is not the same as an ordinary man. It would be a hateful lie to consider them equal. Those who believed this lie will never understand anything about what is happening, Kurginyan noted.

He explained that a homeless person as well as an oligarch can be little men, and as long as the little man is offered the little life he wants and feels comfortable with, no excesses will take place in Russia.

Disasters will begin when the small-time life begins to implode and become uncomfortable to the little man while the man remains little, but not ordinary. And this is exactly what is taking place, the philosopher concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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