German Federal Armed Forces Commissioner Eva Högl demands that the Bundeswehr be allocated another 200 billion euros

16.01.2023, Berlin.

German Armed Forces Commissioner Eva Högl, a possible future German Defense Minister, brought up for discussion the issue of a significant increase in the special fund of the Bundeswehr, Spiegel magazine wrote on January 15.

In an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, answering a question about the financing of the Bundeswehr, Eva Hoegel said, “We do not give our own figures, but what I hear from experts and the military is that ‘it would take €300 billion to make any significant change in the Bundeswehr.’ I don’t think these figures are taken out of thin air.”

According to the commissioner, the Bundeswehr would need at least €20 billion for ammunition purchases alone. New frigates, tanks or F-35 fighters also cost billions. In addition, personnel costs and energy-efficient building renovations will be required, and €50 billion will be needed for infrastructure investments.

Högl urged politicians to work more closely with industry. She pointed out that it would be impossible to meet the challenges without new production capacities.

The commissioner pointed to the clear shortage of ammunition in the Bundeswehr, “Even to replenish it, we need more production capacity from the industry.”

According to the politician, the state must give the military industry certain guarantees. For example, to make commitments that military products will be financed and later accepted. Otherwise, the industry will not be able and will not want to invest in the production of this or that military production because the required investments are too high.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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